DU Battery Saver Re-Review

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One of my colleagues here at The Smartphone App Review, Samantha, reviewed DU Battery Saver for Android back in July 2014 and loved the app. It is fair to say it exceeded her expectations, but here we are nearly a year later, and we thought it was about time we took a second look at the app. Has it progressed over the last 12 months, or has it been surpassed by rival apps?

Let’s take a look.

In her original review, Samantha said this:du battery updated

Overall, I find it very difficult to see why you wouldn’t want this installed on your phone. Even forgetting about all the extra features, this app still saves you a couple of hours battery per day. My Galaxy Note 3 is usually on its last legs by 5PM, but this app extended that to 8PM- for free.


Now that is a great selling point, but with many updates, including a rather large one recently, can it still give a Galaxy Note 3 an extra 3 hours of usage time? Well, I have tested the app extensively this weekend and, after some fiddling with the settings to absolutely optimise my usage, I can happily report that the app gave me and extra 3 and a half hours of usage, which is around 30 minutes more than before. Well worth digging out my old Note 3 for.

Good news, now let’s see what else has changed. The first new big feature is ‘phone cooler’, which is supposed to stop your phone from overheating. A great idea, and I can report that is does seem to do its job.

Playing a 3D game for 30 minutes straight would usually see my Note 4 (also used for review) get more than a little warm, and testing with the feature on and off definitely seemed to have an effect. The heat of the phone was even worse with the entire DU Battery app uninstalled, but was around 20% better with the app installed and the phone cooler not activated, and another 20% or so with the app installed and the cooler switched on. There are of course not super accurate measurements, but more how I felt the phone improved.

The basic feature set hasn’t changed, and the one click options, and more detailed fiddling settings all still here, with some small usability improvements here and there, and I loved the new battery skin feature as it helps to brighten the app up somewhat.

If you have a rooted device, you can change the CPU frequency which will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the app, and I also recommend upgrading to the Pro version to get every feature unlocked. The app will still work fine without upgrading, but the small fee is more than worth it.

Overall, a great app has done nothing but improve over the last year. With a superb new marquee feature based around phone temperature and many tweaks and additions, DU Battery Saver could hardly come with a higher recommendation.


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