Dynamic Maze Android Review

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It is often said that the simplest looking apps can end up being the best, and that is certainly true of Dynamic Maze, a free game for Android, available through the Google Play store. The game looks clean and simplistic, but in truth, it is far from simplistic when you start to play.

Dynamic Maze is just that- a series of fluid, dynamic mazes. With the objective to simply get a ball from one end to another, it seems very easy, until you realise that in order to do this you have to rotate sections of the maze, and utilise a series of ‘layers’. This turns what should be a relatively stress free task into something far more mind-boggling, and you will have to use al of your planning and map making skills to get anywhere.

One important thing to note: you will need Adobe Air installed to play this. It is available on the Google Play store for free, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s features:Dynamic Maze 1

 Is it a maze ? Is it a puzzle or a labyrinth ?
Actually all together. A dynamic maze that combines puzzle with maze .

NO ADS , Free
NO internet connection required, no data collected .
Adobe air required .

How to play :

puzzle : click on the areas that rotates
layers: select from right side the maze layer
tip : first arrange the maze correctly and then start to move the ball
the solution is made up of stars ( some invisible) , you have to collect them all

Please see promo video for more visual explanation

There are stars you have to collect, some of which are easier to see than others, and there is a real feel of quality to the whole game which will be appreciated. The only area where the game is let down is visually. Yes, the look is clean and functional, but I wish there were some more backgrounds to find and see. This would really add some visual flair, which the game is currently lacking.

Aside from that, there is a lot to like here. The mazes are clever and addictive, the game is completely free, there is an interesting new mechanic and three levels of difficulty. Overall, a quality free game for Android that will test your skills and patience in equal measure.

80 Get it on Google Play


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