EggRoll Android Review

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One of the most popular game genres in the mobile space is the marble roller, and the reason for this is obvious, as all of the main smart phone platforms have one thing in common- an accelerometer. The ability to tilt a device opens up many interesting gameplay possibilities, the most obvious one being to roll a marble around a board.

The genre is massively overcrowded, with developers making games go in crazy directions in order to make an impact, and games such as GloBall have proved that its possible to add lots of gimmicks and for the basic gameplay to still work, but the problem is that games like that have moved away from the core gameplay of the genre and have, in a way, become easier and lost some of the satisfaction of completing a tricky level.

Not so EggRoll. This game tackles the genre from a different perspective, an oval shaped one, and benefits from it.

The basic premise is that you have to guide an egg around a chalkboard styled world, avoiding spikes in order to reach the exit. You guide the egg by tilting your Android device, with a little screen before each level advising you of the starting position. There are 32 levels to play through (with more coming in a future update), and they have a lovely style to them, with all the platforms pencilled in chalk. The levels are really well designed, and are for the most part, very difficult with many requiring several attempts before you beat them.

The thing that separates this game is the egg, which rolls around as you would expect an egg would, which is to say very awkwardly. The egg goes head over heels, and can become really difficult to control, with careful planning and a steady hand required to get around even the most simple looking of corners. The egg can be a nightmare at high speed, with every bounce larger than the last, which is also compounded by the fact that, if you hit a wall too hard the egg splats and it’s game over. There are two other objects to use if the egg is too difficult, a marble and a football.

The marble is easy to control, with a nice weight to it, but can also break like the egg, and the football can’t break but is really floaty and difficult to control. It’s nice to have the options, but the egg really is where it’s ‘at’ as far as this game is concerned.

There is a good soundtrack playing throughout, and the graphics are decent with a nice direction to the design. OpenFient integration adds online high scores, and the fact that there are three different balls to control adds plenty of replayabilty. The game does have it’s problems, as I think the collision detection on some of the spikes is a little off, and the game is still a little buggy as it sometimes gives you a message that you have completed the game when you have only just finished a normal level! I’m sure the developer will iron out bugs like this in due course.

Overall, for the price this is a decent little game, and one that I can heartily recommend. It’s not an easy game to master, and is most interesting when played with the egg, but either way a great addition to your Android phone.


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