Electrified Puzzle Android Review

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Electrified Puzzle, from developer Annurig, and available for Android through the Google Play Store, is an intriguing puzzle game that is as eccentric as it is satisfying.

Now, this game is hard to love, but love it you will. The app description and tutorial don’t really help to explain the rules of the game very well, so your first puzzle will be getting to grips with the game, but once you do, you will be hooked.

The game presents you with a huge spiraling galaxy of positive and negative symbols, and the idea is to clear the requisite amount of icons for the stage. Positive attracts negative, and negative attracts positive, and touching a symbol will draw in the surrounding opposite symbols and clear them, leaving room for more to pour into the empty space. An important point is that you can only clear symbols when there are more opposing symbols than there are symbols of the same kind of the one that you are touching.Screenshot 2014-04-12 at 11

As everything is spinning around in an endless spiral, timing is just as important as planning, and it is this that raises the game to another level.

There are also double frequency balls, spinning signs, black bomb balls, white and yellow power ups, special symbols, locked symbols and many more that directly affect the gameplay and force you to really think about how to clear each stage.

The game is really tough to learn, but once you do you will become very addicted to it, as there are lots of levels to unlock and play.

The way the game is animated is simply gorgeous, and is very impressive for a puzzle game.

Electrified Puzzle is an unassuming game, and is surprisingly, completely free both to download and with no in-app purchases whatsoever. The developer has even promised more free levels to come.

It may not be the most popular or famous puzzle game in the Google Play Store, but Electrified Puzzle is one of the most interesting, attractive and addictive games you can get on Android.

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