File Expert Concept Version (BETA) Android Review

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This is a review of the BETA version of File Expert Concept Version, so please note that features and options may change for the final release. You can download the current version for Android here: XDA File Expert.

This is a review of the BETA version, but to tell the truth it feels incredible stable and feature complete. The only real bug I found was with some scrolling that could be a little jittery, especially on longer lists. Aside from that, the app looks and feels great. In fact, it is one of the best file explorer/management apps on Android and I am now using it as my primary app for that purpose.

The app has a lot of features, but the thing that I was most impressed with is the way that it manages those features. The UI is very minimal, but still manages to tuck away plenty of content. My absolute favourite feature is the way a swipe to the right will open up a list of your most used operations. This really only starts to show its worth after you have been using the app for a couple of days, but is a fantastically natural way to complete regular tasks and file maintainance with little effort.


Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s, current, basic features:

Access to all storage: flash memory, internal storage and external storage.
Basic Operations: copy, cut, move, paste, delete, rename, search, share, send, create new, create shortcut, view property and batch operations…
Recycle Bin: contemporarily keep your deleted files and recover your mis-deleted files anytime.
Tag: classify files by different labels.
View & Sorting: grid & list, descending/ascending by name/size/time/type.

The app only currently supports one cloud option, Dropbox. More will be added to the product closer to launch, which is very good to hear as this is an essential part of a modern file management app.

The minimal but attractive UI makes moving, deleting and managing files a breeze. There is no awkwardness or difficulty performing simple tasks, which actually can be somewhat of a problem with other apps.

If you have a tablet, the view changes as your turn your device, and the tab support is very welcome and needed. Hopefully, once cloud support is completely added, moving files between devices will become much easier.

Overall, this has a lot of promise. Some small performance issues are still there, and cloud support needs to be widened, but I can still recommend this app, even in its current BETA incarnation.

You can grab the BETA of this app here: XDA Developers.





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