Flight Control Android Review

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Flight Control has, since it’s original release on iPhone, has been converted to many formats, and has sold millions of copies. There has even been a version for PlayStation Move.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Well, Flight Control is a simple game, where the aim is to guide planes to their runways safely. The action is viewed from a top down perspective, and you simply draw the routes for the planes using your finger on the touch screen.

Each plane is a different colour, and you must get them to land on the runway with a corresponding colour. The idea is to make sure that the planes don’t crash into one another on the way to their destination.

If it sounds as dull as dishwater, don’t worry, as this is one of the most stress inducing games you could possibly play. The reason it is so stressful is that there can be so many planes on the screen at one time, all moving at different speeds and on different courses. You soon find yourself scrambling to draw lines, guiding some fast planes straight to safety while other, slow moving aircraft must be taken on an indirect route to make sure they don’t get in the way of everything else.

You can even create your own ‘holding’ patterns to give yourself some breathing space, but be careful, as they will wander off when they get to the end of your drawn line.

When you hear the proximity alarms going off, panic is sure to ensue, with you frantically trying to hold it all together in order to beat your high score.

This Android version has all the features you would expect, even if it’s missing a few from the other versions. The graphics are nice and smooth, and still retain that same character, and the great theme tune is still there. However, the excellent single screen multiplayer is missing, along with any other kind of non single player action. Gone too are the online high scores, along with one of the airfields. One feature I’m thankful is gone is the awful 3D mode.

There are local high scores, plenty of stats and even some achievements to aim for, and the airfields included all add a decent variety of game styles. A tutorial rounds things off.

To be honest, the only really important thing missing is the multiplayer, as the basic gameplay here is so good that you will find yourself coming back until you get all the achievements, including the ‘Land 200 planes in one game’ award. A quick glance at the screen above will tell you about my progress in getting that one…but deluded and pathetic self flattery aside, is this a worthy purchase?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, as although this Android version is missing a few bells and whistles, the core experience is here, untouched and as addictive as ever.




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