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Mobile collaboration and communication apps for business are not really anything new, as developers have been rolling them out for a few years now, with some of the biggest names in tech attempting to nail down the market. However, it could be fair to say that no app has really delivered on the idea of team communication, with confused ideas, a slapdash approach to each element required, and a lack of real cohesion holding back many apps.

FreshTeam comes at the problem from a slightly different angle, and attempts to answer the question; ‘What do you really need from an app like this?’. In my opinion, FreshTeam has successfully answered this question, and provided an app that has a lot of potential to evolve into the world’s best team messaging app for business.freshteam

The app allows you to create teams, add people to those teams and get messaging. You can send text, videos, voice notes and even files, and voice and video calling is also included with HD quality conferencing an important option. One seemingly small feature that I must mention is the way new members of group chats can look back and see the whole conversation before they joined, which is a massive reason to use this above a standard consumer messaging app.

The killer feature for many teams will be the app’s extensive location services. You can see wherever a team member is on a map at any time, which is obviously a decent touch, but the real stand out feature is the ability to set geofences on custom locations. Need to know when a team member arrives somewhere for a meeting? No problem, just set the location and the app will alert you. It also helps that you can set a home office and be alerted when everyone arrives, which is great for team leaders.

The geofence features require a premium subscription for $9.99 per month, but you do get the first 30 days for free to see if it fits with the need of your company, and I think the price is completely worth it if you are running teams.

The combination of the location features and read reports means that you always know where everybody is and exactly what information they have been given, making life so much easier. When you add fantastic messaging features, including the excellent voice memo function, which will turn everybody’s phone into a virtual walkie talkie, you have the perfect app for groups and teams.

An example of how this app could be essential would be if you need to give a team member some critical information before a meeting. You can use the app to see that they are on a train on the way to a meeting, and if they don’t take your call, you can leave a quick voice message to give them the vital info. When they arrive at the meeting, you will be alerted, and you will know that they have the information via the read receipt. It is a great way to organise a busy office, and I can see FreshTeam becoming a favourite with small businesses, or larger firms that use teams.

Highly recommended, and I would suggest the premium subscription is worth every penny to mobile, busy offices.

FreshTeam is also available for iPhone here: iTunes


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