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google play badge is like a good home-made soup. There is a strange mixture of ingredients that should make the whole thing taste poorly, but somehow the whole thing just works and comes together to form a hearty and enjoyable meal.

Now, enough with the pointless culinary comparisons, and onto the review. Workplace Culture Fit, to give it its full name, sounds like one of those empty and meaningless ‘positivity’ apps, but in actuality it is far from that, although you will certainly get some real positivity here. An app that aims to enhance your work based relationships and, in turn, improve both your well-being and job prospects, somehow manages to deliver on all fronts, as well as providing some fascinating insights about yourself.

Much of the app takes the form of a series of quizzes, which seem to ask innocent enough and harmless questions, but gives results that genuinely do have you thinking, ‘Yes, I DO say things like that’, and can even make you realise how you may have been treating certain people and get you to change. You even find out why you have certain relationships with one set of co workers and a completely different one with another group, or individual. It really is quite impressive.good

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Discover your hidden personality strengths through interactive questionnaires.
– Unlock the meaning of your relationships with friends & coworkers.
– Find companies with a corporate culture that fits your personality.
– Thrive in your workplace with science-based insight acquired from our set of Myers Briggs questionnaires.
– Share the journey with friends! Our enhanced social experience allows you to interact and grow with your friends like never before.
– Make a career change to increase your workplace happiness and satisfaction!

The app will learn about your own personality and what you want from the workplace, and takes this to the next level by suggesting companies where it feels your personality and work ethic may thrive. This can eventually help you to make more informed career choices, as we have all walked into seemingly perfect jobs, only to find out that we don’t ever really feel happy there or like we fit in, but without ever really knowing why.

The app presents all of this in a classy and attractive way, with a really nice graphical layout, pleasant themes and a great use of colour. The interface itself is intuitive as well as easy on the eye, and you will be navigating your way around the app in no time.

One negative is that the app does feel a little unstable at the moment. I had one or two crashes and freezes during my time with it (Samsung Note 3), which does detract from the overall quality. It is not a deal breaker by any means, but I do hope the developer is working on stability improvements in the future.

Overall, comes highly recommended as a fun and interesting way to find out more about yourself as a worker and to help you make the right decisions in your career. Unexpectedly great.


google play badge


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