Grand Gin Rummy Android Review

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Grand Gin Rummy is a sumptuous modern take on the classic American card game, with excellent social features, online multiplayer and plenty to do for the lone player.

The game is set in a 1920s ‘Grand’ hotel, with all the trimmings and style that brings with it. The characters, backgrounds and general design of the graphics are about as good as you could possibly want for a card game, and it manages to pull you into its world very well.

Special mention must go to the deck, which has cards that are just gorgeous to look at. The font and face designs are superb, and really add a level of class to proceedings. It may be a small thing but having a decent looking set of cards is incredibly important to a game like this.

The game itself is based on the classic two player Gin Rummy. The core of the game is multiplayer, but there are offline options for the single player, which are very welcome, as are the surprisingly comprehensive leaderboards.gin rummy

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Four unique game modes: Classic, Quick, Oklahoma, Practice
• Friendly community of players
• Play online or offline
• Beautifully illustrated 1920s 5-star hotel atmosphere
• Receive a daily bonus
• Climb seasonal leaderboards
• Login with Facebook and invite friends
• Send and receive in-game gifts

Getting someone to play with is a breeze, as you can either log in with Facebook and find friends through there, or play with the already established community of players. I never had a problem getting  a game, and also didn’t have any connection problems in the games I did play.

I reviewed the Android version here, but the game is also available for iPhone and Facebook. The great thing about having the game on three platforms means that you will always have someone to play, as the developer has wisely implemented cross platform play.

The various modes complement each other well, and are geared toward the social features, with the gift sending a big part of things. You do get a nice sense of progression as you play more matches, especially if you are new to Gin Rummy, and the game does a good job of teaching you the basics. The world that the game presents also helps to draw you in.

Overall, if you are looking for a Gin Rummy game with added social features and lavish presentation, then you should not look anywhere else, as Grand Gin Rummy is peerless in the genre.


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  1. Steve Jackson on

    This is a game that is designed for you to lose at all times. For starter, the pay off is that you get 50 cents for every dollar you bet. For example if you bet $200 and if you win you will ONLY get $100 more. So you can see if you play the game 5 times? If you lose 3 times of those 5, you are behing $400. If you play couple of times for sure you are going to lose all your money. If you have too much money then you are pkaying agaist the computer and there is NO WAY you can win. So I say this game is there to take your money, watch out.

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