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Guess The Word, or Tidy Up as it is otherwise known, available for Android through the Google Play Store, is an addictive and moreish treat that deserves a lot of attention as an interesting puzzle word game with added social elements and a real feeling of progression.

The game stars Terry the penguin, who appears in a wide variety of comical clothing and poses, and it is up to you to help him unjumble and guess a series of words in a variety of subjects. Doing so rewards you with extra ‘ice cubes’ which are spent on in-game bonuses, which can also be bought using a few in-app purchases. The nice thing here is that the purchases are not forced on you; you could easily play the game and never use them, but they are there if you need a little help along the way.

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On each play through you must pull a slot machine handle to randomly choose your subject, and you are away. You get presented with a series of words to guess correctly, and they will all be within the subject matter of the section you were randomly given, which does help a lot with guessing.

Once you complete a certain amount, you get awarded with gold cubes and your progression percentage for that subject rises slightly. When you fill the quota completely, you get nice little avatars on the game screen. If you get stuck, there are a number of items you can use, at a cost of ice cubes, to help you out. You can ask for a different word, request a ‘re jumbling’ of the letters and have the correct first letter highlighted.

The gold cubes that you earn when you have finished five words are used to play the built-in lottery minigame, where you play a slot machine to unlock different prizes. It is a nice touch and adds a bit of variety.

The game looks decent, with a suitably arctic theme, and I liked the extensive Facebook integration, with the ability to share scores and invite friends to play.

Overall, this is a very good free game. With a lot of words to guess, a nice meta game of unlocking avatars, Facebook integration and variety adding minigame, this is one word game you should definitely check out.


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