Guess The Words Android Review

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Guess The Words for Android, available on the Google Play store, is a decent free game that provides something to really test the old grey matter.

The game is one of the best presented of its kind I have yet played on Android, and the brilliant method of using the online leaderboards is to be congratulated.

The game asks you to guess a range of hidden words, but the great thing here is that it gives you a series of clues for each word, which really helps to add to the puzzle element of the game.

Here, straight from the developer, are the best features of the game:guesswordsandroid

Do you like word puzzles, scrabble, hangman and other word games, but are looking for something new? Here you are – the game “Guess The Words”! Simple name, simple concept, simply brilliant fun!

Guess hidden words by building them out of letters and get a maximum score. In trouble? No problem, touch a word and get an informal hint from a funny creature. Still cannot guess a word? Then use bunch of letters to open up the word, letter by letter! Perhaps it will give you a lead on another word? Then you get a score there too!

Have a few spare moments you do not want to waste by “killing” some fruits? The game “Guess The Words” will not let your grey matter die out! Several hundred levels have been carefully prepared for you, each level with 10 to 20 hidden words. Guess a word and expand your vocabulary by having fun with any spare moment. Press letters and build words!

Curious about how you score against others? Just check scores stats to see if you rate as a true wordsmith or should just try a little harder!

Local version of the game “Guess The Words” has already reached rank 1 in the Games category in one country and ranked in the top 500 in over 10 countries worldwide!

Nice graphics, cool sounds, extensive vocabulary with thousands of English nouns, hundreds of levels, funny hints – that is the game “Guess The Words”. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and share your review with others!

Guess The Words does help to expand your vocabulary, and there are also hundreds of levels to play through. However, the feature I liked the best was the online leaderboards, as they show you how well you are doing compared with others by showing you what actual percentage of players you are in amongst. This really helps you find out how well you are doing, and is far better than standard leaderboards.

Overall, this is a very decent game, and as it is currently completely free on Google Play, it is well worth picking up.


Get it on Google Play




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