HotSpotMe Android Review

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In need of a hotspot but there doesn’t seem to be one around? HotSpotMe app has an idea to fill in the gaps so that that will be a problem of the past. Here is some of the app’s description from the Google Play store:

HotSpotMe – it’s the “Uber for Hotspots”, a revolutionary new way to provide both convenience and additional income by participating in the sharing economy. Using this simple, safe and secure app, anyone can turn their wireless router or mobile device into a password-protected Hotspot to earn money every time a mobile HotSpotMe user logs on. 

HotSpotMe is incredibly simple to use. Hosts simply sign up with their hotspot information to earn dollars every time someone connects to their Wi-Fi using the HotSpotMe App. It’s a completely secure environment, and users are unable to see the host’s password or any other identifying information. Payments are securely processed by Stripe, which is used by over 100,000 small companies and major corporations including Facebook, Target, Lyft and Shopify. The app is designed to be incredibly simple to use. The list of available HotSpotMe routers in range are displayed and with one click, the user’s device connects for browsing, streaming or using their favorite apps. That’s all there is! Visit to learn more! You must be 18 or over to sign up.

HotSpotMe wants everyone to have a hotspot by creating a community of users who share Wi-Fi and cellular info as hotspots. To get started with HotSpotMe, signup with an email address and password. Enter a credit card number on the next screen, or skip to come back later. The app states that your card is not charged for signing up. This information is rather for the transactions when logging into the hotspots, or if you register a hotspot, for getting paid when others log into yours. The app will request device location for a better experience, but this is not required.

Register your device as a hotspot to earn money when people log on and use it. No password information is shared and you will get paid when users use your hotspot. Likewise, you can pay others when you need to use their hotspots. All of your information can also be managed on the app or website as well. I found it a bit easier and clearer to view my account and transactions through the site than the app. The app does boast it has 24/7 support if you have any issues. Unfortunately, the app stopped while I was using it when I tried to browse the map for hotspots, so it was unclear how many were available around me.

HotSpotMe is a very interesting idea. I think it could be a great way to make a bit of money, but it would, of course, depend on your location of how many users might log on whether on how much you would earn. I do worry a bit about the security aspect, though the company says that they have you covered. On the flip side, it would be great to have the app just for those days when you need an alternative hotspot, there may be one on the map to cover you.

HotSpotMe has an incredible idea here that is ready to take off, and with a little work, I think it really will. The app is available for free now in the Google Play store.


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