How Tracking Your Habits With Apps Can Make You Healthier

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How Tracking Your Habits With Apps Can Make You Healthier

It’s easy to assume that fitness and food tracking apps are just the next trends. The truth is that they can turn your smartphone or mobile device into a health hub that holds you accountable for your choices and makes it impossible for you to lie about your progress. A simple download can help you to transform your bad habits into conscious, deliberate, healthy ones.
Tracking Reveals Your Triggers

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Are you an emotional eater? Do certain feelings, such as anger, anxiety, or sadness, prompt you to turn to or away from food? Tracking your food intake reveals all the deeper details of what you eat. You may not even realize that you overeat or under eat at specific times until you take note of what you consume. Keeping up with the things you eat and drink each day will also show you when and where you make unhealthy choices.

If you keep a regular journal at the same time, or if you take a few seconds to jot down how you felt each time you eat, then you can see the way your moods correspond to your consumption, as well. You may discover that you don’t eat enough when you’re stressed, or that you turn to junk food every time you argue with your partner. To break bad habits, you first have to identify the patterns of behavior that lead to them.

The Motivation Is Essential

Monitoring your behavior holds you accountable. You can make all the excuses in the world to explain why you chowed down on fast food or failed to meet your activity goals, but once you see the numbers in front of you, those excuses rarely hold water for long. For much the same reason they hold you accountable, health tracking is also highly motivating.

Not only can an app send push notifications and words of encouragement that pop up on your phone, giving you a boost when you need it most, but by its very nature, an app turns fitness into a game. You have goals to meet each day. The accolades you receive for your success spur you forward.

You Can Keep Track of Everything

Apps that track your health aren’t one-note any longer. Early in the gold rush of fitness apps, many of them solely focused on keeping up with caloric intake or physical fitness. Today, most of them can do both. Your smartphone can help you to monitor your heart rate, which has the potential to reveal underlying issues, and even your sleeping habits.

An app is no substitute for a doctor, but it can let you know that you need to go in for a checkup or talk to your physician about your inability to reach deep REM sleep. Several apps even calculate your BMI, or Body Mass Index, which measures your body fat in relation to your height and weight. Paying attention to that number is essential for tracking your ratio of muscle to fat.

Plenty of people find success with their health and fitness goals after they start tracking their behaviors. Have you considered tracking your habits?


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