Hungry Bird iPhone Review

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Following on from the craze that was Flappy Bird, there are many similar games that have caught on and pushed the mini genre forward, but is Hungry Bird one of the better games? Well I am afraid to report: not quite.

The main problem is that, although it may look like a mix of Angry Birds and Flappy Bird it shares no gameplay mechanics and is in reality a painfully simple game. It is a single-screened affair where you have to catch fruit falling down the screen with a quick tap of the touch screen. You have to avoid touching any falling cacti, and well, that is really it.

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The longer you survive, the faster the cactus and fruit falls…and there is no more to it than that. You can share your best score to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter so you can perhaps start a competition to get the highest score to add a modicum of longevity. There is at least an online leaderboard that tells you how many players there are in front of you, and is easily the best feature of the game.

The game looks decent enough, although devoid of any originality, and the music is suitably bouncy.

Overall, it is tough to recommend this game to anyone but the very youngest of gamers, as it is at least free.


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