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How to have your passwords locked up safe and sound inside your encrypted password manager in Android Smartphone

People usually overlook the importance of passwords. They ignore the fact that passwords are the first line defense of their information security. They set up passwords like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ that will not help them keep their information safe. One of the reasons that users do not set up complex password and tend to use simple and generic passwords is that they find it difficult to remember different complex passcodes. Moreover, setting up a strong password is also not an easy task. You need to use lowercase alphabets along with uppercase alphabets and blend them with numbers and special symbols. A password should not be a word that can easily be found in a dictionary, neither it can be something common. So, it is hard for the users to memorize different difficult passwords for different accounts.

Many people look to write their passwords on a piece of paper or save them on their computer. However, this practice is discouraged by security experts as these written passwords can get easily leaked.

How to Secure Your Passwords With AES-256 Encryption

Wouldn’t it be great if you have to remember just one password to keep all your passwords safe? If you want such a feasibility, you should use iEncrypt Password Manager. It encrypts your user credentials with the military grade AES-256 encryption, ensuring their safety. Moreover, you will be able to automatically generate tough passwords with its password generator and you can access your passwords from any device as well. The application is supported by multiple platforms, thus, you do not have to worry about opening your passwords with different devices.

iEncrypt Password Manager Account

This single account will help you manage all your passwords. You will have to remember just one passwords to keep all your user credentials safe and secure. The best thing is that you can access your protected passwords through different operating systems, which will never keep you away from them. In short, this app will make your life much easier as you will have to remember just a single password.

AES-256 Encryption

The application secures your user credentials using the military grade AES-256 encryption. It ensures the safety of your username and passwords, so that they cannot be leaked. Your user credentials are also synced to the cloud automatically that reduces the fear of losing them. This is probably the best way you can keep your user credentials completely secure.

Password Generator

Generating complex and strong passwords is not an easy task. There are a number of guidelines provided by experts to generate strong passwords, however, people are still unable to do so. This app will allow you to generate strong passwords. It definitely minimizes your efforts of setting up passwords. It’s a great facility for users that they can generate passwords with an app and then secure them with the same.

Cloud Backup

One of the best ways of preventing data loss is to back them up on the cloud server. iEncrypt Password Manager helps you to back up your username and passwords on DropBox that gives you a sigh of relief that you will not lose your credentials.

Data Recovery

There are scenarios, where you intentionally or unintentionally lose your records. It is always a headache when you lose your data and you are worried about recovering it. But, with the app’s data recovery feature, you can easily recover your lost data.

Other Security Features

If you are concerned about the shoulder snooping, Panic Switch is there in the application to rescue you. You just need to flick, shake on face down your phone to switch to another app immediately. Shoulder snoopers will never see what you were up to.

Moreover, using the stealth mode of this application will hide the icon of the app. Even if someone gets hold of your phone, he/she will never come to know that you are using an app to manage and secure your user credentials. These features will surely beef up the protection of your username and passwords.


iEncrypt Password Manager can solve almost all of your password related issues. You do not have to memorize a dozen of different passwords, all your passwords will remain completely secure and the app will generate complex passcodes for you as well.

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