Invasion: Online War Game Android Review

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There has been a deluge of strategy games on Android in the last couple of years. The problem is, most of them are simple clones of Clash of Clans and are not true strategic games, with very limited control over units offered and social elements that, while good, never give you enough true communication.

Invasion: Online War Game aims to solve these problems, by offering a social strategy game with far better communication and interaction between players, in addition to more interesting strategic choices.

The aspect of the game that is the most different when compared to other games is the level of risk involved when initiating an attack, as you can literally lose everything. I really like this idea, as it makes you stop and genuinely think about each and every action you take. If you plan to just spam and attack every player you find, you are not going to last long in this world.

The game is guild based, which is a great move as it allows you to always have a list of allies to enlist in your conquests. You are going to need them, as the real-time online battles can be pretty intense. However, it is incredibly rewarding to team up with a similarly leveled friend and take out a bigger single opponent together. The excellent instant communication features are what allow you to get a real advantage over an enemy player.

I must also make mention of the superb translation feature, which allows you to communicate with people who speak other languages. Seriously, why do more games not do this?invasion android

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features, and you can find more on the developer’s site here.

Fight for every inch of land and expand your guild’s territory!

• Plunder the enemy, and expand your territory while stealing resources!
• Know your enemies. Collect intelligence to dominate opponents!
• Know what the enemy is up to with a real-time panoramic map!

Attack and plunder crucial “monuments” with your guild members!

• Experience the constant change and surprises of real-time battle!
• Create diplomatic ties with other players as you see fit!
• Fight in huge Monument Wars with tons of other players!

You need purchasable items to attack other players, but there are a few ways of getting these for free, such as taking part in certain modes and completing objectives. It does mean that you are going to either spend some time or some money in order to progress, but the options here are still fairly generous.

The 3D graphics that represent the battles are of a seriously high quality, and look completely professional, with great animations, cinematic angles and an excellent soundtrack.

With great social options, deeper gameplay than you might expect and designed to a very high standard, Invasion just might be the next great war game for Android.

This game is also available for iOS here: Invasion on iTunes.


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