iSkysoft Android Data Recovery Review

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You can purchase the application or try a free trial here: iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

Stepping into the world of Android has many benefits, including unrivalled flexibility and freedom to use your phone or tablet exactly how you want to, with only very few restrictions. However, as with all mobile operating systems, there can sometimes come a time when the phone or tablet loses data, causing frustration and financial pain.

When this does happen, getting your data back can be a pain. Yes, if you have signed up to some cloud based back up options, you may be able to get some of your pictures back, if you are lucky enough that they have been uploaded correctly and in time, but that really shouldn’t be good enough.

These days, you need all your data, from the moment things started to go wrong, back. You also need the process of getting it back to a usable state to be as easy and painless as possible. That is where iSkysoft’s Android Data Recovery tool comes in.


This tool, which is a PC based application, really is a lifesaver. Supporting over 6000 devices (there is a full list here, to check your device is supported), this is a very easy way to get all you data back where it belongs.

Photos and videos are an obvious first priority for many users, and they will be pulled from your device, but so will things like music, your call history, text messages, audio files, documents, and most importantly your full contact list. It can even grab your WhatsApp chat history.

It is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is download the PC application from the iSkysoft site, where you will also find a free trial available, then follow the instructions on-screen to plug a USB cable into your phone and put it into recovery mode. The great thing after this is that it doesn’t just blindly grab every file from you device. You can take your time and scroll through just about everything on your phone or tablet, and choose which files you want to recover. It works as well as you would hope, with a simple and intuitive interface.

You can even tell it to scan for certain file types, or even change the scan mode. It all means that you are in complete control over what files the service recovers. The application can also help with factory restores, and can even perform a quick format of you r memory card if needed.

Overall, this is a great idea, and one that many users will jump on. With a free trial available, there really is no reason not to give this a try, especially if you have some corrupted files already on your device.

You can purchase the application or try a free trial here: iSkysoft Android Data Recovery




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