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You are casually browsing social media when an idea hits you. You need to get it down quickly. You could switch to a note-taking app or some other word processor. Or, you could quickly note that idea in Jot – Floating notes in notification. Here is some of the app’s description:

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to take and manage notes? Jot is the ultimate note taker that you always needed. With help from Jot, you will able to create your own checklist or write down your own notes in an instant.

Jot comes with a floating window, you can launch it from the notification drawer and write something down whenever you want. You can also attach the notes to your notification area, which means you will have no problem accessing them anytime.

• Take notes fast and easy via a floating window
• Place your notes in the notification area
• Add up to four other applications to quick launcher
• Create checklists
• Manage your notes and checklists using folders
• Customize the app to your preference

Jot – Floating notes in notification is no ordinary note app. At first glance, it might look like another sticky note type application, but Jot is simplifying note taking. Within the app, there is no tutorial, just a quick hint window with a quick rundown of the basics. After some time tapping around, I was able to easily figure out the functions.

The bottom plus sign button adds notes to the app, as many as I want. I can format these into a list, or just begin writing. The top menu bar allows me to add the note I am working on into a folder or pin to the notification area. The pinning I found was a really helpful feature for notes I was constantly working on and wanted to easily visit later. In the left-hand menu, additional folders can be added for even more organization. There are also settings for customizing portrait and landscape columns, link display, and even a dark theme, which is my preferred display.

Of course, the main highlight that makes this note-taking app so unique is the floating note window launched from the notification area. Without launching the app at all, you can be typing a thought in seconds by tapping the Jot window button in the Jot Launcher widget in notifications. This launches a very small note window where you can then begin typing away, no matter what else is open. Once finished with your transcription, just hit the check mark to save and it will be waiting in the Jot app later. Options to pin and format into list are all there as well. What is even better is all of this is free. The app is ad-supported, which can be removed with an in-app purchase of $0.99 if desired. Premium features can also be unlocked that add unlimited folders and adds slots on the widget for an in-app purchase of $0.99.

Jot is an app that is definitely different, and definitely useful. It is simple in design and a productivity app everyone should be using for jotting down their thoughts. Jot – Floating notes in notification app is available now on the Google Play store for free.


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