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Last 120, available for Android through the Google Play store, is an unrelenting and ruthless game that plays a lot like many ancient Spectrum and C64 games, and has the same stylings and design ethos. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is an entirely personal preference, as the difficulty is brutal, especially for the first few play sessions.

I like the game, but I can see many people giving up before it begins grow on them. Everything in the game is set against you, and you will really need to concentrate to survive for the 120 seconds that has been challenged. You control a small square that has a different colour on each side. The colours relate to colours on the sides of the screen. Touching these sections will pull the cube toward whichever one you have selected, and you must manuever the cube in order to avoid touching any of the many obstacles that will appear.last120

Touching any obstacle will result in game over, and it is pretty tough to stay alive as there is a lot of things working against you. First of all, the cube moves very slowly, and only very slightly faster than the moving obstacles, meaning that you have to get your timing just right to get through some of the mazes. Secondly, the graphics flash in a hypnotic, multi-coloured way that makes it very difficult to make out how the obstacles are moving. Finally, at some points the cube will rotate its colours, which means that you are going to have to touch colours that are not in the direction the cube will be travelling in.

These are all conscious design decisions, and at first they seem maddening and confusing, but once you start to get the hang of things, the game actually becomes pretty addictive. It really does play like a 1980s game, and I don’t see anything wrong with that, and I actually welcome the challenge and unforgiving nature of the game. The developer has included a short tutorial to help you out, but it doesn’t really prepare you for what is to come.

The whole game will bring back some great feelings for nostalgic gamers, and the music is pretty fantastic but unfortunately there are some issues here, mainly relating to content. There is a critical shortage of modes and levels in the game as it currently stands. The developer has promised more levels, modes and online leaderboards are coming soon, but the game should really have launched with them included, especially as it is a paid app. The way the game is at the moment, the free 1 level demo is barely distinguishable from the premium game. Hopefully, the new content will arrive soon, as the game is gasping for levels.

I would also like to see an ‘easy’ mode, with a smaller and faster cube, added to make the game a bit more accessible for all levels of gamers.

Overall though, this still comes recommended, with decent graphics of a certain style, a fantastic soundtrack and punishing yet strangely rewarding gameplay, Last 120 has all the makings of being a special little game, I just hope the developer pulls out all the stops to make it the game it should be.


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