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Life Calendar, available for Android through the Google Play store, is an interesting and unique take on calendars. Calendars are in general, inclined towards events in the future and reminding you of things to come, whereas Life Calendar is more focussed on the past, but in a way that is supposed to be uplifting as well as nostalgic.

The idea behind the app is to create a note for each week of your life, moving forward. The note can be anything you like, so some weeks may end up being more like a diary, but others will only get a passing note or saying that sums up your thoughts and feelings at the time. The aim is to get you to take stock at the end of the week and think about what you have done and summarise your feelings.

This way, in the future you can look back on your life and see what was happening and what you were doing, in your own words. In a brilliant twist, you can colour code each week with a unique colour. This may seem like a silly, throwaway feature, but it is actually incredibly insightful and vital to the app’s calendar android

Looking back on a year, as you can in one of the areas of the app, you can literally see the bad times by seeing what will black spots on the calendar, and I would imagine seeing the following weeks getting lighter and more full of colour will be supremely uplifting when you think back to troubled times in the past.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Your entire life’s weeks, one by one, visualized in a grid.
• Cherish your life by adding a note every week.
• One note every week, 52 notes every year.
• Define each week with color by choosing from a growing array.
• Take and store snapshots of your entire life, either in weeks or years.
• Store your Life Calendar with accounts and keep it backed up and available across multiple devices.
• Connect your Life Calendar to Facebook and Twitter.
• Custom reminders make sure you never forget to take a note.

The app itself is very easy to use, and is very intuitive. The app is designed well, with a clear direction at all times, with the use of colour essential to the way it looks and feels, and it is a credit to the developer that things never seem to crowded or too colorful, even with 52 different weeks on display at once.

One thing I would like to see added is integration with other calendars, so the app could display real life events. Now, this may seem like it would go against the entire ethos of the app, but to have an area at the bottom of each entry where you could tap to get a small list of that week’s event would help give some extra context to your notes and I believe it would give them more emotional punch. The combination of what I was feeling and my normal life in the background would be quite compelling, I feel.

Overall, this is a clever idea fleshed out into something that anyone can use. Life Calendar may be a big commitment: you are going to have to use this for at least a year to get the best out of it, but for many the journey will be worth it.


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