List of Great Android Games for Christmas

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So, it is Christmas morning and you wake up to find that some kind soul has bought you a brand spanking new Android phone. The question is, what games should you spend your hard earned cash on? 

Well, the Android Market has had a flood of games releases on it recently, with many iPhone games making a smooth transition alongside some great original Android games. This list isnt going to give you and actaul Christmas themed games, but rather some of the best new(and some old) titles you can buy and get some great enjoyment out of while you wait for that turkey to roast. The games are all of a casual, pick up and play nature that can be played for a few minutes at a time or a few hours.

This list assumes you have a fairly recent Android phone or tablet. If you are running anything with Android 2.2 or above you will probably be ok with most of these games.

So, without further ado…

World of Goo 

We reviewed this outstanding game recently, calling it ‘the best game currently available on any smartphone or tablet’, so you know we like this a lot. It is a physics based puzzler, although to call it that would do the game nojustice whatsoever. Constantly changing, effortlessly entertaining, this game should be number one on your Christmas download list.

Buy World of Goo on the Android Market


Reckless Getaway

Reviewed for the iPhone last year, this crazy racing title is now on Android with loads of new bells and whistles such as a destruction mode and whole bag of new levels. The game sees you take the wheel of a getaway car, and you must avoid the police, perform crazy stunts and try to get the best score to proceed through thge levels. It is riotous fun and is recommended to help you let off steam on Christmas Day.

Buy Reckless Getaway on the Android Market


Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk

We actually only just reviewed this today, and found it to be a retro treat. You take control of the rotund Dizzy in an attempt to resue Daisy, his princess. Mild platforming action and tricky puzzles follow, and this version has received a gorgeous new look that retains the style of the original game. Sure to keep you thinking, Dizzy is one to get.

Buy Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk on the Android Market


Minecraft Pocket Edition

This was first released as an Xperia Play exclusive, but has since been made available for the rest of the Android Market and also iOS. A world building sim played from a first person perspective that has a unique pixel art style, Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon that feels great in the palm of your hand. Still missing a lot of features from the desktop version, this is nonetheless a great Android game that has potentially thousands of hours of gameplay.

Buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the Android Market 


Toki Tori

I remenber playing this on Nintendo’s WiiWare service and becoming completely addicted to it. A platform puzzle game with the emphasis heavily on the puzzling side of things, Toki Tori fits the handheld market well, with small yet tough levels that can be played in short bursts. Some of the levels are pure evil, so it is lucky the game allows you to skip the ones you don’t like with limited tokens. The graphics look really nice on the small screen, and if you like a challenge you will love Toki Tori.

Buy Toki Tori on the Android Market


Chu Chu Rocket!

This is the Android version of the all time classic Dreamcast game, Chu Chu Rocket! The game is a puzzler, with the aim being to get some mice to escape rockets before the evil cats can get to them. It is a game where you have to plan your moves before setting everything in motion, and it is fantastic fun. With an intelligent use of the touchscreen(one you get the hang of it), the game feels right at home on your phone. Beware however, as the game gets incredibly hard later on. Still, worth every penny.

Buy Chu Chu Rocket! on the Android Market


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