List of the best OnLive games for Xperia Play

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OnLive for Xperia Play works well, really well, as we described in our recent review of the service for Android and Xperia Play.

The problem is deciding which of the hundred or so OnLive games are really worth playing on the Xperia Play. Many games such as Homefront do work on the Play but are really too fast paced or require too much precision to really be worth investing time in, so we have compiled a list of what we think are the best five games on OnLive that are really suited to the touchpads and minor WiFi lag of the Xperia Play.

5. Driver: San Francisco

This slightly odd Driver title is well suited to the Xperia Play. The fast diving action is well implemented and feels good on the touchpads, and the ability to magically zoom out of your car and take control of any nearby cars means that any mistakes you do make are easily rectified. The inclusion of full online multi-player matches is a great addition and I found them to be surprisingly lag free. Decent graphics, a nice soundtrack and good, if slightly bizarre gameplay makes Driver: San Francisco a worthy game for the Xperia Play.

4. Just Cause 2

The sequel to the well regarded first title in the series is a stunner for the Xperia Play. With landscapes that are hundreds of miles wide, you can look out over the game, see a mountain far in the distance and then grapple hook your way onto an attack helicopter and just fly there. It is all kinds of amazing to see such a massive game world on the tiny Xperia Play. One slight niggle is that the grapple hook, one of the most often used items in the game, is allocated to LB which is quite difficult to reach on the Play, but apart from that, this is great stuff.

3. Unreal Tournament 3

This first person shooter doesn’t require as much precision as some others, and is a stupendous ride with some excellent online modes. There are matches for up to 32 players, and with some massive vehicles to stomp around in, this is an addictive shooter. The online modes go beyond simple deathmatches, with some fantastic objective based modes. A full online co-op campaign and a dazzling array of options round off what is a great game to dip in and out of on your mobile.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City

These two Batman games are excellent superhero games, and Arkham Asylum is included in the £6.99 a month Playpack. With great elements of stealth, exploration and fighting, these two games are worth dipping your toe into the OnLive waters for alone. With some excellent graphics, great comic book storylines and deep, dark undertones these are great games. The second title, Arkham City is superior, but the reason they didn’t make it to number one is that they don’t feel quite at home on OnLive as the next title.

1. Darksiders

Now, this feels like it was made for OnLive. A great combination of  epic, Zelda-style adventuring and 2000AD comic book stylings, this ace adventure sees you take the reins of War as he tries to end the struggle between Heaven and Hell. The slightly slower pace of the game suits the Xperia Play down to the ground, and you will find yourself playing a game like nothing else on the service, a genre that is very rarely done at all outside the confines of Nintendo, and rarer still, made with such confidence and aplomb. Make this your first play after setting up OnLive on your Xperia Play; you won’t be disappointed.


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