Mega Win Slots FREE Casino Android Review

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Mega Win Slots, available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store, is a video slots simulator with an emphasis on content and accessibility for new players. The new players can also learn the game simulataneously or on various other online sites, about which they can Bar X‘ you used to find in the British seaside; maybe one day the developer will add one.megawinslots

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Amazing Slot Game Experiences, including Casino Games such as Fortune Wheel
– Daily Jackpots
– FREE slots to Play, All Day!
– Login with Facebook or play as a Guest
– Play with friends, send FREE COINS, and find something NEW every week
– Play with up to 100 pay lines
– High rewarding casino games
– Lots of MULTIPLIERS to improve your winnings
– Wild Slots – expending wild slots

The key thing with slot machine games is obviously win rate. Set it too low and you put players off, but setting it too high makes the game too trivial to continue with. Thankfully, in my time with the game, the win rate felt just about right. I would go through small stretches without winning much, but would then see my luck rise and fall, much like with real slot machines. There are multipliers that you can use to increase your chances.

The various mini games are a welcome addition and provide some much-needed variety to proceedings. Simple yet fun, they always provide an extra bit of excitement when they pop up.

Overall, I came away from Mega Win Slots quite impressed, not only by the game itself but by the fairly brave decision by the developer to let gamers play so much for free. I hope their openness gets recognised by the casino playing Android community as a better way of doing things.





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