Memozzle Free Android Review

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Memozzle is a card matching game that gives you one minute to find matching pairs, with excellent social and multiplayer elements in a tidy little free package that really can’t be ignored.

The first thing the app asks you for is your Facebook or Google Plus details, alongside the option of creating a free Memozzle account, which gives you a sign of the superb connectivity options here. The game itself is pretty simple. You select 2 cards and then touch them to turn them over, and if they match then the cards are yours, if they don’t match they then turn back over. The cards have nice little graphics on them. Matches are 3 rounds and last 1 minute, and the player with the highest score wins.Screenshot 2014-07-08 at 22

There is also a clever helper in the form of a joker where you flip all the cars and get 10 seconds to match 3 pairs, but use it wisely as it can only be used once per round. The jokers are very useful if you are losing.

The 1 minute may seem like a limitation, but it actually helps to focus the game in the right areas. Sessions are short yet is is easy to find yourself playing 20 or 30 games in one go, believe me. 

The online options are impressive. You can search for a random opponent, with a neat pull down to refresh feature, find a friend via Facebook, Twitter and even text messages and Email. The fact that you can take your turn whenever you like really opens up the online for me personally, as there is no pressure to play and I felt like the online element worked around my life, instead of the other way round. I am really taken with it.

There are even achievements, full stats and online leaderboards, again incredibly impressive additions for a free game. I hope other developers take note of what has been offered here, as it shows that you can offer serious content to mobile gamers in a free app.

Overall, this is a fun little game and will keep you occupied for hours playing with your friends and I enjoyed my time with it. Well worth a download, especially for free.


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  1. Patricia Mastropole on

    What happened to the game, Memozzle? I cannot open my game due to internet error and when I try to reload it out tells me the game is no longer available!!! Is memozzle gone forever??

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