MeMWalker Android Review

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MeMWalker is an interesting game for Android, available for free from the Google Play store.

The game is basically a memory test that also serves as an excellent way to learn new languages and more. It uses a simple interface to walk you through each test, which can range from anything, such as a Spanish language test, to a list about sports or even phobias.

It is a game, but the ‘game’ part is really secondary to the real meat and bones of MeMWalker, which is as a learning tool. It is this that is excels at, more so than as a game. Taken as a game, it is too simple and far too basic looking, but if you take the game element as just one part of a larger package, then it does begin to make more sense.

The best part of the whole package is the way it lets you create your own lists that you can test your self on, or even just use as a reference tool. It is this aspect that will make the title so appealing to so many people. Can’t find a decent reference/test app for your chosen subject? Well, then simply grab MemWalker and create your own.

Here, straight from the developer, is an overview of the app:942437_211124192376371_767823299_n

-Simple, yet powerful user interface
-Convenient reference to information you want to know
-Quickly create and reference lists based on your personal needs
-Language Learning – Spanish, French, German, etc…
-Computer Shortcuts
-Text Abbreviations
-History and more…

The app utilises text to speech to given you a spoken overview of each question, which is a clever addition and most welcome. You can download a set of lists straight from the MemWalker servers, or create your own and get playing. Each test can be practiced or played in three difficulty levels.

It is all very good, but I really do think that the whole thing needs a visual upgrade, as it is incredibly simple and basic to look at. Yes, there may be players that like it looking like it does, but then you could offer different themes, or even let players create their own backgrounds.

Overall, this is a free app, and it offers a surprisingly deep feature set, with learning placed first and foremost in the app. It is quite unattractive, however, although the clever implementation of text to speech points to a developer heading in the right direction. Well worth a download.


Get it on Google Play



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