MoneyBall Android Review

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Stimulating mind games are excellent for keeping a brain sharp. Mobile formats are a convenient way to get a quick game in here and there. The MoneyBall: Challenge your Friends to Brain Puzzles app ups the average brain teasers with competitive play. Here is some of the app’s description from Google Play:

Challenge your friends to memory matches and see who can get furthest. Play brain puzzles and climb the leaderboards to see how many people you can out-memorize.

Memory games make your mind the key to your success. Download MoneyBall and start playing today!


• Mind games that are intuitive and easy to learn.
• Memory puzzles optimized to bring exceptional mobile gaming experience for all ages.
• Puzzle games that inspire creativity and problem-solving skills used in everyday life.

MoneyBall is a train your brain memory game with built-in incentives and challenges to keep users coming back for more. First, register a new account with an email address to start playing for free. Individual play is unlocked automatically and can be played right away. Individual play starts users off at level one, introducing a random sequence of symbols that must be memorized and recalled under a time limit. The symbols must be entered in the exact order within the time limit or the game is over. Answer correctly and win chips. Fail, and start all over at level one.

Chips earned from completed rounds can be redeemed for additional lives used to continue games even when a round was not won. Additional chips and life packs can be purchased for quick advantages. What makes MoneyBall even more unique is the head to head match and tournament play. Play against friends in real-time to beat top scores and use earned chips to elevate turns. To access this, users need to join the MoneyBall Royal Flush Club with in-app purchase. A $2.99 in-app VIP monthly subscription will unlock competition play and full app access with direct messaging.

MoneyBall has a very streamlined design with a gambling theme. The interface is easy to navigate with info about the game so no tutorial is needed. Starting with individual play I found it very difficult right off the bat. With only three symbols and twelve seconds, I found myself really reaching into my brain to recall what I had just seen. The game isn’t frustrating, but more of a challenge you know you can win so you try and try again, all the while strengthening your memory. I like the added social competition features as well, though I am not sure how to feel about the subscription pricing for access.

MoneyBall: Challenge you Friends to Brain Puzzles is a great way to workout that memory muscle, alone or with friends. The app is available now for free on Google Play and the App Store.


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