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MonsterUp Adventures is the latest in a long line of Doodle Jump clones to hit Android, which would usually be a bad thing; after all, how many clones do we really need? However, MonsterUp Adventures manages to add enough style and substance to make this a compelling alternative to the many other games like this out there.

First of all, it manages to do what so, so many games of this type do not do, and that is actually add variable levels and backgrounds to give you a real sense of adventure and progression, and it even has an overworld map. Seriously, the number of apps that we review here that have the same background for each level is incredible.

The monsters themselves are beautifully designed, as are those stage backgrounds that I mentioned, and it all moves along at a brisk pace with no hints of slowdown that I could detect.


Here, straight from the developer, are the best features of the game:

– A crazy story mode
– 20 different levels
– boss fights
– 8 different monsters
– all new unique special powers
– saved games
– awesome artwork from Ilias Sounas
– original amazing soundtrack from Marietta Fafouti
– hours and hours for fun for all!

The music a of a surprisingly high quality, and is also specially created for this game. The game is pretty in-depth, and even features bosses to take on, some of which are quite frustrating.

Overall, this is a gorgeous looking game, with one of the most in-depth feature lists I have yet seen for this kind of vertical scroller, and it is clear that the developer had a great time making MonsterUp Adventures. That enthusiasm has carried over to the final product, and on that basis it comes highly recommended.


Get it on Google Play


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