Movie Wallpapers Android Review

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Wallpaper apps. These are a lot like ringtone apps: there are thousands of them but very, very few quality versions. Luckily, that is what we have here in Movie Wallpapers for Android- a quality wallpaper app.

The app has over 500,000 movie based wallpapers to choose from, which is pretty good, but the impressive thing about the app is that they are all properly resized in HD for your device, whatever size phone or tablet you have. You can also resize them yourself, and choose a portion of the image as your wallpaper, if you so choose.

The app has a search function for finding movies, and also lists of popular films, recent releases and also upcoming movies to choose from. You can also browse by genre, with a whole load of different movie types to look through.

Once you have found a movie, you can browse all the available wallpapers for that film, and choose whether to save a wallpaper to your phone, set it as a wallpaper straight away or even share it with friends via a range of social options.

The app goes beyond most apps of this type, however by allowing you to actually view trailers for each movie and read information about it. This aspect is actually really impressive.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s best features:

Save backdrops/wallpapers and share them with your friends!

Welcome to the HD Movie Wallpapers for your Android phone. We have more then 500.000 high quality Movie Wallpapers of all the greatest movies created (think of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Dark Knight, etc). We have almost all movies covered with at least one wallpaper.

Save HD Movie wallpapers and share them with your friends in the highest quality available online!!!

Movie Wallpapers is a pretty impressive wallpaper app with a wide range of features, and the sheer variety of the images available is one of the best things about the app. The extra information and trailers for each movie are the icing on the cake, but an even more important thing to remember is that the app is completely free!

Overall, a great wallpaper app that should be snapped up by any movie fan. Also coming soon to iPad, Movie Wallpapers is one to watch.

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