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The Android lock screen has always been something that users of Google’s mobile OS have been particularly proud of, especially in the days before iOS7 when iPhone users had the most boring and limited lockscreen imaginable. It said straight away that this phone is a little bit different.

Now, the most famous of all of the lockscreens for Android is undoubtably the classic ‘lock screen pattern’ where you have to trace a pattern across the screen that you have created, and memorised, yourself.

Now, someone has gone and created an entire game around this concept, and you know what? Its pretty good.Screenshot 2014-07-07 at 10

The aim of the game is to copy a series of patterns that the game draws across the grid that is overlaid on the screen. The computer draws it pretty quickly, and you only get three lives across your entire play session, so it is important to pay close attention.

The further you progress, the faster the lines are drawn and they stay on the screen for an increasingly reduced time. The grids also get larger, with the lines rapidly increasing in size, and it gets pretty manic once you get past 20 grids, where the play area gets very large. In fact, my best score of 25 reflects this, although it is pretty pathetic compared to some of the other scores on the online leaderboard.

Yes, there is an online leaderboard, with full integration with the Google Play Games service. The game also records your best local score, but I think there should be separate local profiles so you can compete against others on the same device.

The game uses the rumble function cleverly, as it really helps you to keep a good rhythm going. nLock! looks really good, with a high level of presentation that includes a nice rolling demo over the options screen.

In terms of graphics, I wish there were more backgrounds available, maybe after every 10 levels. The standard blue, while attractive, can get boring rapidly. In fact, the developer is missing a trick here. Why not have real, genuine lockscreens unlocked as rewards for getting far in the game? It would tie into the whole theme of the game nicely, and it is something I hope will come to the game in the future.

I would also like a few more game modes. How about a super-tricky mirror mode where you have to trace a mirror image of the line, or a mode where you must tap the dots instead of tracing them? There are ways that the offering here could be expanded quite easily, even if this is a free game.

Overall, this is a decent game, well presented and is something that I would like to see added to in the future.


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