Nutrihawk Android Review

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There are so many fitness and health apps around nowadays that it is so easy to become confused and almost spoilt for choice. The problem is that so many of them do the same basic tasks, with little to choose between them.

Nutrihawk approaches the genre from a slightly different angle, that of nutrition.

The app keep a track of the vitamins and minerals you consume, and lets you know when you have reached a daily goal, although that goal is only really 50% of what you need, as this can never be 100% accurate, as you are inputting your meals manually.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’ best features:nutrihawk

It keeps tabs on vitamins and minerals. You input the healthy parts of your meal, and your vitamin and mineral uptake will be updated accordingly, with nice charts to review what foods contributed to what nutrients and how much of the nutrient you had in the past week. Also has a feature that advises what nutrient you’re most in need of based on when’s the last time you had it. Text on specific nutrient pages also tells you deficiency symptoms, rich sources, and benefits.

Most apps are designed around weight loss or muscle gain and so keep track of your calorie intake or the amount of proteins you’ve consumed. This one focuses on health, because deficiency in a vitamin or mineral is a common occurence, especially among people with less varied diets.

Since it’s designed to be used as an estimate and not a strict counter like calorie and carb/protein/fat trackers are, your daily value will be considered to be met after 50% suggested daily value has been reached. Line chart plots past 7 days (of course, data is kept longer), and the “need more of” is also based on the nutrition with the least intake in the past week. All measurements are based on roughly 1 cup’s worth. Doesn’t include certain nutrients in which deficiency among humans is rare (because why would you need to track it then).

The app is really well designed, with easy to navigate menus and settings. There is no fluff,and everything has a purpose which gives the app a nice arrow like focus on the things it does well.

I really like the idea of the app acting like a hawk, watching your nutritional intake, and the app follows through of the promises its premise makes.

Overall, this is well worth a download, especially as it is completely free on the Google Play store.


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