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If you are looking for an Android game to truly mess with your head, then you need look no further than Oppy, an arcade puzzle game that is a true test of reflexes and multitasking.

You will soon learn that the game is called ‘Oppy’ for a reason, as you must constantly perform tasks that are the opposite to what you have been told. Asked to swipe up? Swipe down. Told to swipe left? Swipe right.

It may seem very simple, and in many respects it is. However, it is the very nature of performing the opposite action that provides an innate complexity that some players will find absolutely baffling, while others will no doubt find it a breeze.oppyandroid

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s features:

Oppy, a multi-mode arcade and race against the clock brain game. The objective of the game is to go against your natural reactions of swiping in the direction that is heard and read and to do the exact opposite. If it says up, swipe down, left, swipe right, etc. Includes Achievements and Leaderboards capabilities. Enjoy!

The game itself is fairly pleasing on the eye. It has a defined look, and the sparse feel suits the game well, with the use of a graph-style background really helping with controlling the swipes. That may seem silly, as swiping is obviously incredibly easy to do, but when you have to both memorise several commands AND translate them in your head to get your fingers to do the correct movements, then believe me, every little helps.

The game has a couple of different modes, which is most welcome as they are different enough to each provide a few extra hours of entertainment. The leaderboards are a great addition and offer up a good reason to replay previously beaten levels. Achievements round off a robust little package, which uses Google Play to good effect.

The game is free to download and play, and is ad-supported. Using the solution I like best, the game will drop the ads for a small fee, but the ads are pretty unobtrusive so it is really up to the user.

Overall, this is a good mind bending game that provides plenty of entertainment for free. The game is at its best when the pressure is on and you are solving problems in a constant stream, but the addition of achievements, modes and leaderboards means that this won’t get boring after you master it. Recommended.


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