Peck and Nest Android Review

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Peck and Nest, available for Android from the Google Play store, is a decent example of a developer taking a modest idea and adding to the appeal by garnishing it with extra elements, upgrades and modes. This is a good approach to developing a casual mobile game, and one that I do appreciate, especially as we have reviewed so many games like this that don’t bother adding anything to the core gameplay.

That core gameplay here is pretty simple. You play the part of a bird in the middle of the screen, starting as a Toucan, but with more available as you progress. The aim is to eat as much fruit as possible before the time runs out, with both fruit and rocks rising vertically on either side of the screen as you eat.

Tapping on either side will cause your bird to attempt a peck at the fruit. Catch a fruit and you add one to the score and also top up your time bar, but tap on a rock and it is bad news.

Things soon get pretty frantic as you really have to push hard to keep the bar from disappearing, and it is all too easy to make a mistake. There is another mode, called the ‘advanced mode’, which has no time limit and feels a lot more relaxed, and is the way I preferred to play the game.

Here, straight from the developer, are some features of the game:

– Build your nest
– Found family
– Unlock 5 birds
– Two game modes

Every time you manage to successfully eat a fruit, you get a seed, which can then be spent on upgrades. You can purchase new birds, which are more than just graphical upgrades, as they all have different stats. You can build new things for your nest, which is a nice addition but seems to be cosmetic only, and you can also grab items in-game to give you a boost.

The game is free to download and play, with optional purchases of seeds available. There are ads, which can be switched off with a small in-app purchase, which is always a welcome option.

The game has a nice look to it, and is well designed. I loved the addition of Google Play achievements and leaderboards, and the extra mode and unlockables are a thoughtful touch. The music is jaunty and suits the game well, but I think some additional sound effects are needed, as having the same noise for both the left and right taps can be annoying. Both sound options are set as ‘off’ as default, which needs fixing as I played for a while thinking there was no sound.

Overall, though this is a surprisingly robust little package that is a nice casual diversion. With plenty of options and things to unlock, Peck and Nest is a decent little game.


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