Perfect Fit Android Review

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Perfect Fit, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a simple yet effective action puzzle game that is deceptively addictive, and offers up quite a few hours of gameplay for free.

The game starts with a nicely created title screen, with blocks falling around the edge of the screen. It is not often that I mention a title screen in a review, but it is also not often that developers bother to put any effort into this important aspect of presentation. Effort has been put in here, and it is appreciated.

The objective here is to fit a rectangular shape through a series of holes that are only just about big enough for it to fit in. However, the shape is falling vertically into a 3D world (think ‘into’ your screen), which means that you don’t get a lot of time between each obstacle to see and prepare for the next one.

Perfect Fit – Android Apps on Google Play

Tapping and holding on the left or right hand sides of the screen will rotate the shape in that direction, and the game will continue to increase the falling speed as you go. There are also sections where the light will fade for a critical second, meaning that you are going to have to base some movements on a quick glance at the target, making things even more difficult.

The game keeps track of your best score locally, and there are also Google Play leaderboards to add some online functionality to the game. The graphics are simplistic, but bright and bold, and the shape moves very smoothly as it rotates, as do the descending layers of holes. I actually like the look and theme of the game.

The game is pretty addictive, and is the kind of thing you will return to from time to time, as is does have an addictive core. However, I do think that there is room for improvement. I would love to see different modes added, with different shapes. It would add so much to the game in terms of variety, and I hope it is something the developer is considering for the future.

There could even be a ‘master’ mode where the shape changes every few layers.

Despite this, the developer has got everything else spot on. The graphics suit the game perfectly, it plays very smoothly and the presentation is good, with added leaderboards rounding out a tidy package. It is also completely free, so I highly recommend trying this out.


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