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en_generic_rgb_wo_45The web is, in a word, infinite. Google, Bing and other search engines do their best to get you what you are looking for, but it can all be somewhat overwhelming. pickWEB is here with a bit of a simpler view of the web.

pickWEB from ALEKSEJ ALEKSEENKO is an app that takes the links of some of the most popular sites on the web and organizes them into easy to navigate categories. Here is the apps full description:

pickWEB is a subject directory of the most interesting sites from the world wide web located directly on the desktop and having friendly access interface. Regular updating of website links. Selection is done by man, not automatically.  

Website links are grouped by subject scope. The directory is available directly from your computer, pad or smartphone.Screenshot 2014-02-04 at 18

Specific features:
•Convenient display of website directory subdirectories and subsections
•Convenient display of website links
•Directory access interface is available on your computer, pad or smartphone
•Website directory grouping by countries
•Multilanguage interface
•Adding / deleting of your favorite website links (‘Favorites’)
•Viewing of the most popular websites through a directory (‘Most viewed’)
•Viewing website links by rating or alphabetical order
•User Account management
•Option of viewing a directory for specific country only
•Quick access to the most popular subdirectories
•Option of user’s setting application for program desktop
•Option of user’s own website links adding


When you first open the app you are given the option to register by signing up a username and password or use a demo mode. Registering allows you to log your favorite links for future use. pickWebs menu is then divided into three categories; Catalog, Search and Links. The catalog is a list of picked links separated into subjects, everything from cars to the holidays. The links area is divided into popular sections and stores the most visited and favorites. The search area has multiple search engines available to search for whatever you choose.

Though I can see what pickWEB is going for, unless you are an avid user of their desktop service, I’m not sure how helpful the mobile app is. Every link posted in the app takes you to the default browser and opens the full pickWEB site. Even the search engine section links back into the browser, and not even in a mobile friendly format. I could see this useful if it was its own mobile browser, but for me seemed more like extra work.

pickWEB is available now for free in the Google Play store.





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