Pirate Legends TD Android Review

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Tower defence games are ten a penny on the various smartphone platforms these days, and with so many of them being nothing more than re-skinned clones of previous games, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the occasional gem.

Thankfully, we have discovered one of the best tower defense games we have ever played at The Smartphone App Review, in the form of Pirate Legends TD.

Pirate Legends may not be the most original tower defence game out there, as some of the gameplay elements are clearly inspired by other efforts, but it does ‘feel’ new, thanks to its rip-roaring theme, excellent animation and satisfying action. The graphics are deliciously chunky in a way that reminds me of Swords and Soldiers, but from a different perspective. Everything is brilliantly animated, with a constant feeling of movement around the maps that gives the world a welcome injection of life.

So many games like this forget to animate sprites when they are inactive. It is a simple thing, but it really does make connecting with the game easier for the player.


The game sees you through many levels of pirate blasting action, with you given the task of erecting towers on floating buoys to prevent various enemies from getting to your pirate ship. There are a lot of different enemy types, and even a sprinkling of bosses that bring welcome difficulty spikes.

In addition to the different tower types, an interesting innovation is the ability to actually use the ship you are defending to attack enemies, meaning that when enemies break through your defense you can do more than just watch their inevitable march on your base. You can even alter the angle of your ship’s fire.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– 20 unique towers with special abilities and 2 upgrade paths
– 5 heroes with unique skills!
– Defend your ship against 30+ different enemies and 4 terrifying bosses
– 3 difficulty modes and for the bravest pirates: epic challenges!
– Awesome unique soundtracks and character voice-overs
– In-game encyclopedia, 36 achievements, easter eggs… hours of action-defense gameplay await you mateys!

If you look at that list of features, you will notice that the developer has included extra modes and achievements, which always gets extra points from me. A simple addition of a couple of difficulty modes adds a lot to games like this, and it annoys me when developers don’t include them. Thankfully, there is even a challenge mode here, in addition to the achievements and an encyclopedia.

Overall, the game is superb, and the multiple things to do on each stage, together with the wide variety of towers and enemies, as well as the frankly excellent visuals, make this an absolute steal for any fans of tower defence games.

Looking for a new TD game for Android but have been stung in the past? Well look no further, as Pirate Legends is outstanding.


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