PlankTone Music Player Android Review

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For many users, music players just can’t cut it these days. Yes, we have unlimited streaming services that offer just about every song on the planet, as well as access to more ways to listen than ever before, yet on the device that many people use more than any other to listen to their favourite tunes, their phone, the sound just isn’t up to scratch.

PlankTone is here to shake things up a little, with its aim being to have as rich and warm a tone as your Hi Fi, but with more customisation than ever before. Not only does PlankTone sound fantastic ‘out of the box’, but it allows you to completely customise the sound for each and every song.

For audiophiles, this is a dream com true, as they will be able to get the sounds they want, and on the tracks they want. Every aspect can be fiddled with, and I know many people will be in absolute heaven here.planktone

For me, I love the idea of being able to give albums different sounds. I had so much fun messing around with the sound of Dark Side of the Moon and Sergeant Pepper’s that it is a wonder this review ever got finished. The brilliant thing about this is that, after messing around with all the levels and the tone of a song or an album, you can save this as a custom preset and apply it to any other track or playlist in the future.

I gave Tapestry an earthy, more wooden feel with an even softer undertone than was already there, and applied it to a bunch of 90’s albums and just listened. So. Much. Fun.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– PlankTone’s native sound engine that has decoding and audio processing independent from the Android audio system: provides full and balanced sound closest to the original
– PSAM sound engineering techniques using professional mixing & mastering: transmits the clear and rich tone of instruments and vocals without distortion
– H-Den passive equalizing: expresses detailed dynamics and lush stereo imagery of a recording
– EFF TG431 multi-channel strip: avoids clipping from frequency interference, reduces sound losses that commonly happen on mobile, and maximizes loudness with no sacrifice of specific range
– Real paragraphic 10 band equalizer: provides precision control over each frequency band without any effect on other bandwidths

The Hi Fi sound that you get from the developer’s custom engine is fantastic, and something that is hard to describe. Just try the app and listen to a song or two and you will understand right away. Aside from all the sound wizardry going on, the app has all the required features for a music player, so you will not be missing other features by using this app.

Overall, this is a fantastic music app that opens up your old music library and lets your own imagination give it new life. With all the features you would expect, but with all the added unique benefits of the app, there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with PlankTone.


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