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PopBot by PopCatcher for Android is a fantastic app that many Android users will be dying to get their hands on. For lovers of music, in particular, this will no doubt be one of the most popular apps on Google Play, when it is eventually released worldwide. It currently isn’t available in the USA yet- but the developer has told us that it will roll out within the next few weeks, so we will update this review then and also let you know on the homepage, so keep an eye on the site for that!

So, what is all the fuss about. Well, PopBot is a internet radio streaming app, but one that comes with one absolutely killer feature- the app strips all the ads from a song, strips all the radio talk from the DJ and saves the song to your phone, as complete as if you just copied it from a CD.

The app starts saving music from the stations and genres you select and will run in the background, downloading tracks and stripping them of chat and ads. It will even listen out for the best version of  a song and replace you current version. It is incredibly easy to quickly have an impressive collection of your favourite music, which is yours to use as you like.

Here, in the words of the developers, are the app’s best features:

PopBot is both an internet radio player and a way to save music.
* A state of the art internet radio – Thousands of local and international radio stations.
* Saves the songs from the radio stations as mp3 – Clean songs are saved!

Start by selecting from thousands of radio stations from all over the world. A cool radio breeze from California’s beaches can be a great way to start your day.
When you have selected your radio station, PopBot will work as an intelligent robot in the background. If you have PopBot turned on, you will normally get music within one day.

PopBot will listen to the radio station that you selected and save songs from it. Commercials, jingles, and DJ talk will be removed. Only nice’n clean music will be saved.

If the same song is played many times, PopBot will figure out which version is the best and keep only this song.


The app really does do this, and does it well. It will no doubt soon become an essential part of the Android music scene, and also has one other superb feature- it is currently completely free, so there is just no reason not to snap this up right away and start expanding your music collection for free- legally.

Overall, a great idea is turned into a feature packed app that is sure to become legendary amongst Android users.

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