Power Flashlight / Free Torch Android Review

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There are already quite a few solutions to the problem of getting your phone to act as a flashlight/torch, either on the Google Play store or even built-in to many flavours of Android. The issue I always have is access to the ability to switch the light on.

Often, you find yourself having to unlock the phone in the dark, then after being nearly blinded by the sudden light of the screen, you have to find your way around the phone to get to the app that supports the torch function. This is only made tougher if you use the torch to get up in the night and navigate your way to the toilet without switching any lights on and waking every one up; you are tired which just makes things tougher.powerbuttonflashlightandroidscreenshot

Power Flashlight gives us an elegant solution to the problem. All you have to do is feel your way around the phone for the power switch and tap it three times, and the LED torch comes to life. It is a great idea, and it genuinely works very well indeed. If your screen is already on, you will need 4 presses.

I have tested this after the phone has had its screen off for hours, and it still works a treat. Being able to use your phone as a torch without ever having to turn the screen on may be a small thing, but it has real world uses.

The app works just like any other torch app, aside from the power button feature, and you can use it in that way if you want to. When booted up, the app gives you access to an attractive flashlight control screen, and it has all the options you would expect, such as on/off, shake to turn on and off, and a cool auto switch off timer to save battery. There is also a neat function that causes the device to vibrate when you switch your light on and off.

One extra feature that I really liked was the ability to prevent the flashlight power button functionality from working when it is covered up, just in case it gets switched on when in your pocket and starts draining your battery. This, in combination with the timed auto switch off, means that accidental power drains are going to be as rare as possible.

The app is free and ad-supported, and there is an option to upgrade, for a tiny fee to a full version, which allows you to switch the light off with a tap of the power button. I really feel that this functionality should be in the free version, and the full version should be more concerned with disabling ads and giving additional functions. It is only a small gripe, and I would still recommend anyone to upgrade. I would also like a proper on/off widget added to the app.

Overall, this is a superbly designed app, which offers an excellent stand out feature on top of a solid foundation of standard elements. You don’t need to root your phone to enjoy the power button light, and so this comes highly recommended as a great tool for Android.



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