Random Knights: Adamant Destiny Android Review

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Random Knights: Adamant Destiny may look like a NES game, but its core mechanics and gameplay are as modern as you like, with Rogue-like elements mixed in with monster evolution to create a pretty unique RPG.

Random Knights is available for Android through the Google Play store and is an immense game in many ways, with over 130 classes to choose from, many monsters to find and battle, and random bosses to encounter, alongside new towers to explore every time you play. The developer has also promised that many more modes and content is still currently in development, so what is in the game now may just be the tip of the iceberg.

It is a paid game, but I think you get more than enough content to justify the price.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:random knights

– Slay monsters and level up!

– Rogue-like! But you unlock new monsters to your bloodline so you get stronger every time you play!

– Find powerful weapons and equipment throughout the journey which helps you advance the infinity tower.

– Evolve the monsters to get stronger!

– Random tower level every time you play Random Knights: Adamant Destiny!

– Get different loot and treasure to upgrade your heroes.

– Earn a legendary garnet called adamant to help you out in the game!

– Infinity RPG battle

– Many races, numerous monsters from western fantasies to the path of oriental trading.

– Random tower levels and warriors / bosses encounters

– Random rewarding treasures – upgrade your heroes with weapons and equipments!

– Pixel retro graphics

For me, the best thing about the game is the dazzling array of classes to choose from. Everything from vikings to ninjas and zombies are available for selection, and although some may find that daunting, I think it is great that so much work has gone into creating these little heroes, and they all look fantastic in the retro pixel style.

Now, there are many pixel art games out there, but very few of them manage to pull off a genuine 8 bit look, but Random Knights does. It really does look like a NES game, especially in the battle screens where you could be forgiven for thinking you were playing an old Final Fantasy game.

The real beauty of the game is in how it manages to blend together this retro style with the more modern mechanics of a current Rogue-like touch screen RPG, and makes it into a pretty deep and interesting experience. I can see many players becoming completely hooked on unlocking all the weapons and characters, collecting loot and evolving monsters.

With the promised expansions, this is only going to get better, but Random Knights is already a content packed and rewarding package for Android. Highly recommended.

Random knights is also available for iOS here: Random Knights iTunes


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