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Rebtel may on the face of, it seem like just another Internet-based calling solution, of which there are dozens available to Android users. However, Rebtel is actually far more intelligent than that, and offers up a solution that is both elegant and cheap.

The app actually uses cheap, stable local phone lines to connect your call. It may not sound as technically advanced as Internet calling, but it is a damn sight more stable than any Internet-based service, and it is also very cheap.

When I said ‘local’ earlier, I meant local to the user, anywhere in the world. Using the Rebtel app, you will be able to call someone anywhere they are, with the call routed by Rebtel as they use the landlines, or ‘hijack’ them, as they say. rebtel

Calls are not free, although the main ‘Rebtel Calling’ service, which allows you to call other users of the app for $1 per month, IS free for the rest of 2016. There are various plans for calling different countries available, either in minutes bought or monthly. For example, I can call anywhere in the UK for a paltry £7 per month.

I cannot overstate the value of getting clear and reliable worldwide calls without worrying about your connection, data plan or iffy WiFi. In fact, I could understand if this was priced above the main Internet call companies as it does feel like a premium service. The fact that it is so cheap makes it like you are paying pennies for a Rolls Royce service.

The app itself is very easy to use, and features a smart red and white theme that gives it a dash of good looks to go with the services it offers. Calling and adding contacts is a breeze, and you will never get lost while navigating the menus, even if you have never used an app for calling outside the stock offering.

Rebtel is also available for iOS here: iTunes.

Overall, this is very highly recommended as a great alternative to the many Internet-based calling services out there, and even to traditional phone services. With a decent app, great prices and stable calls, this is well worth checking out.


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