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There are so many note taking apps available on the store so why does this one differ? Well because whatever wi-fi you connect to at home or work, you can make notes and it will remember the notes for that certain location.

So, for example you can search for your home wi-fi, set it to home and then press the plus button on the top right hand corner and then you can add a reminder. You can also set it to either work while you are arriving or leaving. So you could write ‘post letters’ then press on arriving, so when you arrive at that wi-fi point, it will let you know. It’s quite handy if you set your wi-fi to your workplace so anything you need to remember to do at work, you can write it on here and it will be remembered.Screenshot 2013-11-16 at 21.28.14

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Are you tired of forgetting things? Stop and check out this app, it will help you remember!
This reminders app is location-based and it works on wi-fi therefore enables the highest accuracy for reminding you what you wanted so you can remember just in time before you are about to leave or enter your wanted location(home or work).

Now you will be able to create location-based reminders using your wi-fi.
You can define reminders upon entering and leaving these locations.
The app will detect wi-fi changes and will alert you when arriving or leaving your wanted destination.

I really like the basic idea. Using wi-fi points to activate reminders is absolute genius, and is maybe something that should be included as part of a modern smartphone’s feature set. Once you set up a few reminders between work, home and other places you will see the true worth of this app.
Overall, I think this is a brilliant, bright, simple little app and plus it’s free. I will definitely be using this app all the time.


Get it on Google Play



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