reTXT Android (BETA) Review

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UPDATE: ReTXT is now out! grab it for iPhone here and for Android here!

For many people, the ability to add read receipts to SMS messages is a bit pointless, yet its worth can only be measured by having the ability taken away after having it for so long. Delivery reports and read receipts are a great thing, as you can be sure that a network error on either end hasn’t stopped your message from getting to its recipient.

It may be a small thing, but I have always missed it whenever I switch to a network/phone/OS that doesn’t support the feature, but now an app is in development that takes things to another level, and we here at The Smartphone App Review are among the lucky few that get to test the BETA version of reTXT.

Before we begin, I should note that this is a review of an early, pre release version of the software, so any bugs or errors I may find could well be fixed by the time the app is released.

reTXT looks and feels a lot like many other modern messaging apps, albeit with a swanky and tidy yellow design, but the killer feature here is what you get to do with messages after they have been sent. We have all been there, waking up the morning after a drunken night out, panicking as we check our phones to find out that yes, that drunken message was sent last night. We have all also sent a text message, happily typed out and sent, only to realise just as we press send, that there is a terrible, terrible spelling error in it. You then have to decide whether to send another text, explaining that the error was genuine, or leave it and hope they don’t notice.

reTXT changes all that. That text you sent last night can be deleted before it is ever read, and the spelling error can be easily edited out, all after being sent. It really is a great feature, and one that I am sure many other services will soon be copying.retxt1

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s features:

• Change sent messages
• Delete sent messages
• Ask for clarification on received messages
• Leave group chats and return when you like
• Absolute privacy -No one can acquire or view your messages

I love the ‘clarification’ feature for read messages, as they act like a little nudge to say: ‘remember my text?’. Yes, these ‘after text’ features are excellent, but that isn’t the only string to reTXT’s bow, as it also has a rock solid feature set that brings it in line with its rivals. Group messaging, video, voice and picture messaging are all supported, as is location sharing, and all wrapped up in a visually appealing app that also has great security.

I did come across a few problems during my time with the app, with the registration process giving me particular grief. You register by sending the team a text containing a code, which is a great idea and an easy way of doing things, but I had a lot of problems getting it to work. I eventually tried changing my default messaging app back to the built-in system app, and away from Hangouts and it worked right away. I would also like reTXT to be built so that it can replace my default messaging app, without other users needing to be on reTXT. Obviously all the messaging editing wouldn’t work when sending to these users, but the developer could highlight this with a marker for non editable messages.

It would also go a great way in building a user base, as current users would pester their friends to use reTXT.

Overall. this is a superb app that is very nearly what it needs to be. With a bit of work, I would love this to replace the myriad of messaging apps I have on my phone, as this has an epic killer feature and is also the best looking messaging app I have used.

Finger crossed for the future with reTXT.

UPDATE: ReTXT is now out! grab it for iPhone here and for Android here!



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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you have a patent for this app. Obviously i’m asking for investment reasons. Let me know, Thanks. T

    • Hello Tami,

      we have applied for patents on all of these features and more. Please feel free to contact me directly for investment opportunities.


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