Rising Empires Premium Android Review

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Rising Empires, available for Android through the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore, is an incredibly in-depth turn based strategy title that feels like it was born on a SNES, which is very much a compliment.

Most games like this on mobile are actually very limited affairs, but Rising Empires is anything but limited. There are six playable races to get your teeth into, which for gamers that really buy into the experience and become addicted, is like multiplying the length of the gameplay by a factor of six. It is this aspect that many app developers miss entirely; the need to cater for the hardcore market.

Battles can be quick affairs between two nations, or empires, although even these battles can be pretty epic in terms of time spent. However, it is when you have many different factions all waging war at once that things truly come together. You are constantly making critical tactical decisions which always have a lasting effect on the overall battle, and the need to attack must always be countered with the need to look over your shoulder. When you can have as many as eight empires in a war, you can imagine how exiting games can become.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:unnamed (1)

Rising Empires Premium is an epic 4x turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting, where six races compete for control of all the land on the Surface and in the Netherworld. Many reviewers compare the game with classic strategy games like Civilization and Total War.

The main features of Rising Empires Premium are:
* Six playable races, all with unique abilities making for very different game experiences
* Two levels with cave openings to enable movement between them
* All empires design their own troop types and give them abilities that suit their playing style
* Play quick games with only two empires or long epic ones with up to 8 empires
* An advanced combat system to battle it out with the different troop types
* A well developed technology tree

I really enjoyed my time with Rising Empires. I loved the graphical style, from the gorgeous little icons to the gloriously 16 bit look to the grid based maps. It really did take me back 20 years when I was playing games like this on my trusty old Amiga.

It does feel very much like a games of Civilisation distilled down to its component parts, then built up again with a few modern additions, and for that reason alone it is worth a look for strategy fans. For the incredible styling, truly epic battles, interesting development tree and true addictiveness, it comes highly recommended as the best Android strategy game we have ever covered here at The Smartphone App Review.

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