Rounds Video Chat & Group Call Android Review

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Sometimes, we get to review an app that is very hard to find fault with, that has so little to criticise that it becomes difficult to mention any negatives, as there are none. Rounds is one such app. A video chat app at its heart, Rounds does just about everything you would want an app of its kind to do, but not only that, it also does it with style and an easy to use interface.

Rounds lets you invite friends to use the service with you through multiple social services, and once you have a friend also using the app, you can begin to explore what it has to offer. The soul of the app is obviously its free video and voice calls over WiFi and 3G (and 4G, LTE, etc), and the sheer range of things you can do while in chat with someone is imply staggering.

You can snap pictures of friends whilst in the video call, start a video conference call with ease, send free text messages, add silly special effects to the stream for fun and much, much more. You can even watch YouTube with the person you are chatting to, which may seem like a throwaway feature, but it is actually a great idea. Instead of sending a link to someone and asking them where they are in the video, you can sit and enjoy the video together. I love it.rounds android

✓ Unlimited FREE Videochat and Voice Chat over 3G, 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi so you can call and text your friends as much as you want
✓ Log-in with Facebook and instantly connect with your friends
✓ Easy invite through Facebook, Mobile Contacts and Whatsapp
✓ Automatically find friends that have Rounds and have fun using live chat together
✓ Video conference and group video chat room with friends on any Android device
✓ Send text messages for free instant msgs
✓ Save money with Free international video calls to other Rounds members
✓ Watch funny YouTube videos together, listen to music, and sing karaoke together.
✓ Use fun webcam chat effects to take live chat to the next level.
✓ Best camera app to take pics while friends and family video calling
✓ Create a funny chat experience by scribbling on your friend’s video images.

With free international video calls, text messages and photo messages, this is a great way to stay in touch for free, and businesses will love the video conferencing feature which is incredibly easy to set up and use, and allows for 12 people to chat simultaneously.

Kids will love the special effects you can add to your videos, and the ability to watch videos, listen to music and even do karaoke together will mean you won’t see them a lot after they get their hands on this app.

The app also has Android Wear compatibility, which is a nice extra feature.

Overall, as I said, it is very difficult to criticise such a bold and feature packed offering. Rounds may very well be the best video chat app on any platform, in the world.

It is also free, so snap it up.


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