Rush of Heroes Android Review

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Rush of Heroes is a free to play action RPG, available for Android through the Google Play store. The game is not your typical free to play RPG, as it has something that titles such as these often lack; genuine quality.

The game plays really well, uses the touchscreen format in an intelligent way, has a boat load of content and depth and, most importantly has a lot of lovely loot to find. The main gameplay hook is a semi automated battle system where you choose three characters to run to their right, challenging enemies. When they come across an enemy or group of foes, they stop and battle, with your chosen loadouts and classes having a massive and direct influence on each and every battle.

You can level up, find loot and claim rewards the further you get on each stage, with a large overworld map to explore and complete. There also boss battles which test you a lot more than the standard enemies, to overcome and many interesting things to do other than simply battling. I really loved the social and online features, where you can enlist friends to help you out, or take them on in PVP arenas. It is here where you will have the most fun, and where some of the greatest rewards can be found, as you can win hard-earned loot from your opponent.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:rush of heroes android

• Epic and expansive 3D RPG experience
• Conquer 150+ quest zones and battle areas
• More than 40 fully upgradable heroes
• Over 160 special skills & abilities
• Master your occupations, including fishing and mining
• Over 1,200 items including weapons & armor
• Multiple dungeons with EXP & gold rewards
• Take part in Arena PvP battles

There are a lot of different characters to unlock and find, and each one has his own starting stats which mark him out from the others. They can all be upgraded, and I found that it is the idea of finding and building your perfect team, that fits your play style, to be the most rewarding aspect of the game.

The graphics are superb, with professionally created and animated 3D characters and enemies populating a gorgeous 3D world. One thing that I feel merits particular praise is the effort the developer has gone to in creating the backgrounds for the battles. It would be so easy to have repeating backgrounds, but here the characters move through forests, bridges and more, all within each stage and it helps to make the world feel deeper and that your minions are actually travelling through an area, instead of a random backdrop.

The only slight niggle I have is with the ‘connecting’ text, which displays quite a lot and can be a bit distracting, especially as it is right in the centre of the screen. If it was moved to a corner or had a nicer animation, it would be a little less annoying.

That really is the only bad thing I have to say about the game, as it is a superb romp though a world full of character, with plenty of depth and excellent online features. Highly recommended.


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