S4 Water Pool Live Wallpaper Android Review

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It is not often that we review an Android Live Wallpaper that is more addictive than many games, but that is exactly what we have here. The S4 Water Pool Wallpaper is dangerous for your productively as you may spend more time swishing the waters of your homescreen than you will actually using apps and playing games.

The first thing that will strike you about the wallpaper, which is available for Android via the Google Play store, is just how good the water effects are. The effect looks very similar to the water effects in the Pikmin games, and the leaves gently floating across the screen really add to the overall quality.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:s4wallpaperandroidreview

Wave strength – Set the wave strength to low, medium and high

Wave radius – Set the radius of the waves to low, medium and high

Fish customization – In total there are 5 different fishes and you can choose to have between 0 and 3 for each of them. A total of five.

Scene/background themes – Besides the original stony background there is also a bright earthen background.

Floating plants – Opt to add leaves or not

Show reflection – Opt to show a reflection or not

Shadows – Opt to show plant and fish shadows

Rain speed – Another extra feature is rain drops bursting on the surface of water. You can choose between heavy, medium and light or not at all.

Flowing water – To save a little battery you can opt to have the water continuously flow or not.

Premium Edition

The premium edition has all the above features, but:

More river bed and scene options – Another 3 backgrounds turn the floor of your water pool into rich soil, a sandy bed or a mosaic-like Roman baths.

More kinds of fish – In total there are 9 different kinds of fish to choose between compared to 5 in the free edition.

Customized background – This means that you can choose any of your own pics as the background or river bed scene.

There are plenty of options for adjusting the scene, to either improve performance on slower phones, or to reduce the battery cost, which was pretty good anyway, form  what we could tell. You can choose to stop the water flow, turn raindrops on or off, turn the reflections, plants and shadows on and off, as well.

All these features are included in the free version, but if you choose the premium edition, which is very low-priced, you can also choose from a variety of backgrounds and have many different kinds of fish.

Overall, this is a gorgeous live wallpaper that is packed with options and also packed with beautiful imagery. If you are in the market to spruce up you phone screen, then I highly recommend checking this one out.

Get it on Google Play


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