Shopsly – Shopping List Android Review

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Shopsly is a great all in one shopping list app that takes the idea of a virtual shopping list and runs with it, adding great features that really add to the shopping experience. I have no doubt that many people reading this will, if they use their phones for shopping lists at all, use one of many note taking apps available both as standard apps on their handset, and also through the Google Play store.

They are easy to use and do a basic job of letting you keep a simple list on your phone, ready for the supermarket or store. However, Shopsly does eclipse them all at this particular job, and makes it worthwhile having a dedicated app for shopping. Yes, it serves as a virtual shopping list, but it does much more than that.

When shopping for the first time with this app, you create a new list, and search for the shop you are in. The app will create a list based around that shop, and you can start adding items. You type in the product name, quantity, price and can even add a personal note. You do this for everything you buy, and the next time you visit, the app will have the list available, with prices so you can check to see if they price has risen since you last visited, or even take a quick look at another list to see if something is cheaper there.

You can always add things before you go so it acts more like a standard shopping list, but knowing all the things you usually buy, along with prices, is a great way of keeping track of both your food cupboard and your shopping spend.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Clear and easy to use design
Easy to use design is in our opinion one of the most important things in shopping list app. That is why we developed Shopsly, but still built with functionalities that are essential for the user.

Geo location of the store & reminder when it’s time to go shopping
No need to use other apps. Integrated reminder will let you know when it is time to go shopping, location map will lead you to the store.

Implemented Spending tracker
Check complete history of your shopping lists, when, where and at what price did you buy your products.

View your weekly, monthly and yearly spend shown in beautiful chart.

Make multiple shopping lists and share them with your family
Make as many lists as you like and share them with your family so each one of them will know which products have been purchased and which still need to be bought.

Colorize your products to find them quickly
Choose between several playful colors for your products.

The app also features some great, easy to use charts that allow you to see how much you have been spending over a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The ability to give each product a colour is a really nice touch, as it allows you to see if you have missed anything in a particular section of the shop before you move on, which means far less time aimlessly going back and forth between aisles.

There are a couple of things that I would like to see added in a future update. Barcode scanning would remove a lot of the typing required, especially the first time you use the app in a particular shop and I would also like it to automaticlaly check prices for an item I just bought, from other stores I use to help make savings easier.

Hopefully, those features are on the developer’s radar, but this is still a great app to use in its current form, with an easy to use interface and nifty list of handy features, and as such is comes highly recommended.


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