Skedaddle Android Review

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Skedaddle, available for iOS through the Apple iTunes store, and also for Android through the Google Play store (version reviewed), is a fascinating new take on travel apps. It is best described as a mix of Uber, Carpooling and Google Maps, all with a dash of social networking.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry it really isn’t. Skedaddle is a great new way to travel to long distance locations and events in luxury, for an incredibly low price. It is particularly good for getting to events far away, that would usually be prohibitively expensive and full of hassle to get to, booking coaches, planes and cabs.

The basic idea is that you select an event or location you want to travel to, and if enough other people also want to go there on that date, you all travel there together, aboard luxurious transport and it goes right to the doorstep, or closest approximation, of the destination.

If you are the very first person to book, you travel for free. Yep, for free. You just need to hope that another 9 people also want to go, which shouldnt be a big problem when going to big cities or to large events and festivals.

That is really is the main limitation – the need to have 10 people book, up to a maximum of 54, but you don’t need to find these people yourself as anyone else using the app can find your route and time and hop on. You can, of course start-up a private event and invite friends so you can spread the cost between everyone as the more people that book, the less everyone pays.

For people who are flexible about their travel plans, this is perfect. I can actually see this taking off as a destination in its own right, with people browsing Skedaddle just to see somewhere interesting to go and jumping on, which I have to admit, is an incredibly appealing notion and does inspire wanderlust.

I can imagine this turning into something that everyone checks whenever they see an event that takes their interest. Big music festival halfway across the country? Check Skedaddle for an open trip, book it, hop on, paying a measly amount compared to other services. Yes, this may not be so great if you are the first person booking a location and no one else wants to go, and you need an absolute guarantee that you can book, but my advice would be to just start a route anyway as you may be surprised at how many others are interested.

I haven’t even gone into the potential social benefits from using the app, as you get to meet and interact with fellow travellers. This alone could be a good reason for many to use the app, as it really helps you focus on the journey as much as the destination.

The app itself is intelligently designed. Events, locations and prices are displayed in a non obtrusive manner, which makes browsing through available routes fun and interesting. I liked the use of colour throughout the app, with pastel hues framing content nicely. I didn’t experience any technical problems using Skedaddle.

Overall, I can see this really opening up the horizons of places available for many people to realistically travel to. Events and festivals that would usually need a lot of time and money spent in planning and paying are now just a few clicks away, and for a low price. This does feel like an evolution of the Uber concept into something that is approaching mass transportation, and it does make the future of travel quite an exciting prospect.


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