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This is the third app we have reviewed at The Smartphone App Review from this developer. The two previous games, Electrified Puzzle and Dynamic Maze, both got great scores and impressed us with clean design and great puzzles, so can Slide Spinner replicate that success?

Slide Spinner is a fun puzzler with 50 levels, and takes on more of an ‘action puzzle’ feel than the previous games. The aim of the game is to draw lines and separate the spinners. You get a certain amount of lines on each level, with the game starting nice and easy with just a few stationary spinners, but things soon hot up with different coloured spinners(that can be grouped together) of differing sizes, all flying around the level.

It turns into a real game of timing and planning, as seemingly impossible levels slowly take shape in your mind. It is here that the game starts to have the hallmarks of a Annurig release. Like with the other games, you are going to have to really work to solve the 50 levels here, especially when you add objects that you can place on the board to help solve puzzles.

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You can restart the game at any time with the button in the left hand corner. If you don’t complete the level there is a chance to try again, and there are no lives so you can play as many times as you like, which is a good thing really, considering the complexity and, well, madness of the later levels.

Hint: remember, the spinners can bounce off the lines you create, so think about this when you draw your first line. This is the secret to a lot of the later levels, and helps you to keep the spinners under control.

The game is silent aside from the occasional sound effect, but looks decent enough, with nice animation on the spinning tops. There are no social aspects at all, and I would have liked the game to have recorded something, such as attempts or maybe even total game completion time.

Slide Spinner is completely free, and is, I am happy to report, in the same league of quality as the developer’s previous games. It isn’t quite as good as Electrified Puzzle, but it runs it close.

An excellent action puzzle game, Slide SPinner is a must download for puzzle fans.


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