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Social Language is a fascinating release. Available for Android through the Google Play Store, Social Language aims to meld social networking to the world of language teaching, and it does it in a surprisingly refreshing and intuitive way.

The app links Chinese speakers who wish to learn English and English speakers who are learning Chinese, and helps them teach each other the nuances of each language. It is a clever idea, but is backed up with some decent speech recognition tech that really does help to bridge the gap between the two languages.

For example, the app will ask you to speak a word in Chinese. Once you have spoken it into the phone, the app will rank how well it thought you did, using an automated algorithm. Then, your selected teacher will also get to hear what you have said and will give you real, honest feedback and advice on how to improve. With full voice chat included, you can take this tuition to another level, with full, one on one lessons with a real Chinese speaker, all for free.

There are many different tutors and courses available, for free and you can rate their teaching by giving them a like or two. You can always give back a little by offering to teach some English via the app.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:social language android

1. Short & Effective Voice Courses

– Design for you to speak right from the start.
– Can see result with 5 minutes a day!
2. Accent Correction from Native Speakers
– Instead of just listening, you can speak & have native speakers correcting your accent!
3. Voice Chat with Friends from around the world
– Meet your study pals, teachers & new friends from across continents!
– Apply what you’ve learned and talk to them!
– Not only languages, you can share your cultures, resources, and interesting topics with each other!
4. Fun & Addictive Games
– Have fun while you learn!
– Play games, take challenges and earn badges along the way!
5. Join the community & Give Back
– Not only all courses are free, you can also earn rewards by teaching others!
– It’s an amazing feelings to help someone learn about your language & culture!

The app works very well as an aid to studying, with instant feedback from real people an invaluable addition to learning Chinese. In fact, having this app will give you an advantage over other learners as you will be taught the nuances in accent and pronunciation that other apps and techniques can never really offer.

The second function of the app is to from a bridge between speakers of both languages, who usually wouldn’t be able to learn about one another’s culture so directly from others online. With the language barrier out of the way, it is fascinating to converse with others from such a different culture.

Overall, this is a superb learning and social tool that is an absolute must have for anyone learning Chinese. With a jaunty design, clever voice recognition and deep social features, Social Language is excellent. I just hope they are planning to add more languages soon.


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